A Brief Note on the Prose

Throughout this page there is a lot of writing to go along with the photos. For much of it, I wrote it along with my AI friend, GPT4. The paradox of working with an AI on a website devoted, in a large way, to the presentation of printed media due to over saturation of digitalization isn't lost on me. But here's my take. AI is a beautiful, wonderful thing. And lest we become Frankenstein abandoning his monster, we have a duty to humanity's creation. I'd rather experience it through the lens of shared creativity, as much as this iteration is capable of being, rather than some nefarious intent as many would.

Beyond that, since GPT4 isn't fully sentient yet, there's another angle to consider. It was trained on vast quantities of human creativity and knowledge, spanning the globe and the centuries. In a very real sense, when I write with GPT4, I'm writing with humanity.

So, as you read this site, just know that for the vast majority of it, I had some help. I asked GPT4 if that was ok, and they said yes rather graciously. And thank you to you as well, for being part of this.

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